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  • Presentation on MonkeyFest

    Presentation on MonkeyFest

    This year i didn’t had the change to go to Singapore for MonkeyFest but i still did a presentation via Skype : “What’s new on Xamarin.Forms” Some of the most important points were related with the performance improvments like Fast Renderers and Layout Compression, you can check the slides and notes below. What’s new in…

  • New adventure – Joining Xamarin team

    New adventure – Joining Xamarin team

    I have some fantastic news, and i m so excited it’s hard to believe this is really happening.I m very proud to share that i have joined Xamarin.

  • My first public presentation about Xamarin : SqlSaturday #341 Oporto

    My first public presentation about Xamarin : SqlSaturday #341 Oporto

    It’s with great excitement that i announce  i m going  to be making my first presentation on a public event. Earlier this month i was invited to submit a session for the Programming track of the SQLSaturday #341 event taking place in Oporto on the 18th October. The session was chosen by the community to be featured…

  • Introducing Xamarin Forms Labs

    Introducing Xamarin Forms Labs

    Last month Xamarin presented Xamarin 3.0, a refresh on the Xamarin suite of tools to build cross platform apps with C#. There were 4 major announcements but i personally got really excited by the new library Xamarin.Forms … The basics were all there, but we had found holes the Xamarin.Forms team had not found or…