Software Engineer using .NET and XAML

Introducing Xamarin Forms Labs

Last month Xamarin presented Xamarin 3.0, a refresh on the Xamarin suite of tools to build cross platform apps with C#. There were 4 major announcements but i personally got really excited by the new library Xamarin.Forms … The basics were all there, but we had found holes the Xamarin.Forms team had not found or not plugged yet. So I started a repository on GitHub called Xamarin.Forms.Toolkit and this thread on the forum. The idea was to work on a common toolkit tailored for the brand new Xamarin.Forms.

Published some code on GitHub

Hi, some time ago around 2010 when i had a little more  free time i wrote some sample code and poc (proof of concept) with Silverlight and other technologies. I always had some random emails asking me for the source code, it was just sitting around in my nas, so i decided to start publishing the code i have on GitHub.

Take note that this is just some example code and should not be used in production, or used to show best practices on software development.

I have some videos online, one of this projects was for example ForestFindr.

The following projects are now on my account: