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  • Using Xamarin Forms Labs – Intro

    Using Xamarin Forms Labs – Intro

    Getting started with Xamarin Forms Labs. First let’s start as simple as possible, there are some features like IOC that the Labs project uses extensively that i will also explain further.

  • Introducing Xamarin Forms Labs

    Introducing Xamarin Forms Labs

    Last month Xamarin presented Xamarin 3.0, a refresh on the Xamarin suite of tools to build cross platform apps with C#. There were 4 major announcements but i personally got really excited by the new library Xamarin.Forms … The basics were all there, but we had found holes the Xamarin.Forms team had not found or…

  • GoodTimes IOS app built with Xamarin

    GoodTimes IOS app built with Xamarin

    Last month i have team up with GoodTimes Guides to bring the Lagos and Sagres city guides to the App Store. The design was clean and modern and provided by the GoodTimes team, i did the implementation of the app for the iPhone. Built with Xamarin tools, the solution is simple and consists in one shared…

  • Website and status Update

    Website and status Update

    In quick update in what i m being doing

  • Algarve Tips

    Algarve Tips

    After long time without writting here, i m glad to update with my latest app for the AppStore : Algarve Tips.

  • Receitas Dias

    Receitas Dias

    Voilá i entered the world of Apple AppStore. Receitas Dias iphone app is here. Apple has without a doubt the biggest marketplace on the world with more than 600 000 apps. The timming to get around new development skills to deploy apps to the app store arrived.