Software Engineer using .NET and XAML

My entry to Xamarin Store Pull Request Contest

A couple of weeks ago Xamarin launched an application to promote it’s product, in a wonderful idea, they created an app where you could order a T-Shirt, for that you had to clone and run the solution on your favorite ide and do a small task by adding your email and registering an account. It was a great idea, and i was quick to get the app up and running and order my self a t shirt that made me look really sharp! ūüôā

Steve Jobs Talk in 1983

Just listen to this excellent talk by Steve Jobs , 1 year before i was even born.
It doesn’t stop to amaze me that even so early Steve was focus in making the design of the computer great, and that will matter a lot.
He kinda talks about what will be the Internet, the App Store and even about a MIT experience in Aspen that was really similar to Google Street Maps is doing right now.

Published some code on GitHub

Hi, some time ago around 2010 when i had a little more  free time i wrote some sample code and poc (proof of concept) with Silverlight and other technologies. I always had some random emails asking me for the source code, it was just sitting around in my nas, so i decided to start publishing the code i have on GitHub.

Take note that this is just some example code and should not be used in production, or used to show best practices on software development.

I have some videos online, one of this projects was for example ForestFindr.

The following projects are now on my account:



GoodTimes IOS app built with Xamarin

Last month i have team up with GoodTimes Guides to bring the Lagos and Sagres city guides to the App Store.

The design was clean and modern and provided by the GoodTimes team, i did the implementation of the app for the iPhone.

Built with Xamarin tools, the solution is simple and consists in one shared pcl library and one iOS project. The pcl also contains some embedded json files with offline data that it’s used to share the data access between the IOS and a future android project easier.
With IOS 7 there where some tricks i had to pull off to mirror the photoshop design. The app also uses native apple maps api to get directions to a gps location and draws the route on the map. In the location service i also had some fun using the new async/await patterns provided by C#.

Try out the free app from the AppStore.


Two new skimboard videos for SkimStore

Hi everyone, i recently went in vacations to California, more properly Laguna Beach. I have a side project called , a store that sells some of the best skimboard related products in the industry, we also have a small crew of friends that we give a hand with some cool stuff.
I made some videos with our crew and some of the best skimboarders of the world and i met wonderful people while i was in the EUA.

Algarve Tips

After long time without writting here, i m glad to update with my latest app for the AppStore : Algarve Tips.

Bing Maps MVC4 Editor/Display templates

Based in Scott Hanselman blogpost i whent and added support for model binder and editor/display templates for DbGeography spatial types in MVC 4 using Bing Maps, improving the UX with draggable puspin, and adding reverse geocoding.

Receitas Dias

Voil√° i entered the world of Apple AppStore. Receitas Dias iphone app is here.
Apple has without a doubt the biggest marketplace on the world with more than 600 000 apps. The timming to get around new development skills to deploy apps to the app store arrived.