Slides and Demos from Xamarin Dev Days Singapore

I was in Singapore early this month taking part on Xamarin Dev Days by the Singapore .NET Mobile Developers Group .

I had a great time in Singapore and in the event, had the chance to meet new people like Ben and Martin, as well as get to see other friends like Karl from XTC and Michael Ridland. Ben was a wonderful host, showed us around and took as to get great food and drinks.

Thanks once again Ben for being awesome.

My main demo was the one for Xamarin forms where i create a simple one page app to control the lights back home using  HomeAssistant api. The propose was to show how one could use Xamarin Forms features to style and tweak your app to a a beautiful design.
Since my raspberry camera streaming was failing sometimes, i prepared a video where i show the same app and a live feed from my living room where i change the lights of Hue LightStrip.

For those interested here are the slides and links for my demos.

Slides Xamarin Forms

Slides Xamarin with Azure

Demo Lights


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