Website and status Update

Hi, some time without writing in the blog. I plan to change that.. (yes i know i always said this) but i really want to start write once a week. And i guess i just have to push myself to meet that goal, but it won’t be easy. One thing i decided is to write only in English, that should help.

In quick update in what i m being doing at DevScope i m working mostly with  line of bussiness Windows 8 C# applications, after i did some work with Windows Phone last year. I also ended up getting some time with Lucene.NET and lots of MVC 4/5 projects and Azure magic.

In a more personal note i started to enjoy myself in some iOS development with Xamarin tools, no more Sencha and Cordova, although it’s still a valid option for many scenarios, but native is better.

Azure is going big, they are deploying new features like cupcakes.. The features tab is getting pretty big,  Websites, Mobile Services, Auto Scaling, Monitoring, Alerts .. tons of things.  Btw, we moved servers again. is now running on Azure, i m still running a VM , and the reason why could be a good blog post.

New website theme, after 2 years with the old template, i updated to a new responsive theme Mural. I m still fixing some issues, and making customizations so sorry if sometimes the site looks wrong.

Stay tuned.








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