Algarve Tips

After long time without writing here, i m glad to update with my latest app for the AppStore : Algarve Tips.

“Less is more: a list with 10.000 restaurants is worth less then these 10 really great and updated Tips directly from an Insider. Free of any restaurant ads, this app has a fish-dictionary and wine tips as bonus material.”

Technically i changed strategy’s and went with Xamarin IOS to develop this app. The app was written in C# using the new ide Xamarin Studio.

I’m very glad with Monotouch platform, was solid, and didn’t require a big learning curve. Some of the iOS native concepts are also in the api design, and that helps a lot.

I also setup a website for the app at

Get it now on the app store




One response to “Algarve Tips”

  1. Nuno Mendes Avatar
    Nuno Mendes

    Boa Tarde Rui,

    Quero lhe deixar aqui uma proposta…

    Que tal divulgar a sua aplicação directamente para os passageiros que viajam com a easyJet para o Algarve?

    Melhores Cumprimentos

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