Steve Jobs : “One more thing”

Steve Jobs left us a few days ago, the very next day of the presentation of yet another iPhone, the 4S (for Steve??) . I was getting ready to sleep, when my wife told me the news and i must say i felt really sad.

Steve Jobs was an icon, one of a kind, a genius and also a person that inspired me personally. He didn’t went to university but that didn’t stop him to help manufacturing the first personal computer with Woz in is parent’s garage and creating  the current most valuable company in the stock market, Apple. It didn’t stop him of creating Pixar and making the first full computer animated film, Toy Story. Didn’t stop him of making apple rebirth and start a decade of launching game change products, like the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad… And the story continues with iCloud and iOS…

Also his charisma was something of another world. How do you go and say to a room full of people that a product now costs 2x as much and people still clap and camp in front of stores to buy that over expensive products?! … This was something only Jobs could do.. and it was a work of lots of years thinking different.

He wasn’t perfect, he had his problems and lots of rumors say that it was hard to deal with him at work, but that’s how genius are.. that’s what made Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs. The attention to detail, pushing people around until the job was perfect, he wasnt happy with a good job, it had to be perfect. Like the story of the Google icon in the maps app.

I’m Apple fan boy for a while now.. but my admiration for Steve was more than that, i think it’s because the multiple talks i saw online from him, and of course for the products and keynotes he brought to us. One great and inspire talk was it’s speech at Stanford, please watch it and remember Steve in it’s best, inspiring people.

Steve Jobs and he’s magical words will always be remembered..

“One more thing”


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