Starting developement in Wp7

So a few weeks ago i bought my wp7 device, a LG E900 i had (and still have, well my wife has) a awesome iPhone 3gs, I wasn’t a Apple fan until i got that phone, from there to buy a mac mini, and then a mac book pro, and more recently and ipad 2 was a flash. But i always had a little thing about wp7. I like metro alot, the simple and clean design with the fluid animations seem very apealing to me,i think since i m not a designer they make design a little more simple.. but the metro design helps the devigners , because if u don’t have a little sense for design and ux , metro would not save you.

So of course since my day job is buildling software using .net and xaml, since i do both silverlight and wpf, it was only logic to take a shot with Windows Phone 7.

cool wp7 theme i put in my wallpaper for inspiration:

wp7 wallpaper

credit :


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