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Here are some things that you should know about me.

Rui Marinho

Software Engineer
I m currently working at Microsoft on the Xamarin Forms team. My experience goes from the public to the private sector, working in creating innovative client applications and experiences using Microsoft technologies in such diverse areas like healthcare, retail, e-commerce, real estate and mobile. For the last couple of years i have focused in cross platform mobile development. I'm a night hacker in many other technologies, like Raspberry Pi and home automation, as well as an avid open source contributor.


My thoughts.

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Presenting at Mobile Edge

I will be presenting at Mobile Edge 2015!


NetPonto Presentation – Slides and Demos

Hi everyone, i had a small presentation last Saturday on  6ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto no Porto  at ISEP, here are the links to my slides and to the 2 samples i showed, please comment any doubts you have. SLIDES Demos: Demo1 Demo2  


New adventure – Joining Xamarin team

I have some fantastic news, and i m so excited it’s hard to believe this is really happening.I m very proud to share that i have joined Xamarin.


My first public presentation about Xamarin : SqlSaturday #341 Oporto

It’s with great excitement that i announce  i m going  to be making my first presentation on a public event. Earlier this month i was invited to submit a session for the Programming track of the SQLSaturday #341 event taking place in Oporto on the 18th October. The session was chosen by the community to be featured […]


Using Xamarin Forms Labs – Intro

Getting started with Xamarin Forms Labs. First let’s start as simple as possible, there are some features like IOC that the Labs project uses extensively that i will also explain further.


Introducing Xamarin Forms Labs

Last month Xamarin presented Xamarin 3.0, a refresh on the Xamarin suite of tools to build cross platform apps with C#. There were 4 major announcements but i personally got really excited by the new library Xamarin.Forms … The basics were all there, but we had found holes the Xamarin.Forms team had not found or not plugged yet. So I started a repository on GitHub called Xamarin.Forms.Toolkit and this thread on the forum. The idea was to work on a common toolkit tailored for the brand new Xamarin.Forms.